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In search for new languages, Watanabe Teppe and Miguel Leiria Pereira, created a duo, in which through their instruments--guitar, and contrabass, are collecting repertoire, and music experiences related to Japan, Portugal, and Brazil.Watanabe Teppe is a guitarist and composer, who during his studies discovered the Brazilian music through Baden Powell’s compositions, and later traveled to Portugal in search for the Brazilian culture’s origins. In 2006 he meets Miguel Leiria Pereira, a contrabassist interested on experimenting new musical languages. Miguel, who is also fascinated for Japanese culture since some years ago, in the same year, after returning from his first trip to Japan finds on Teppe’s work, the essence for a harmonious fusion of styles that interests him.This way was started the duo called Kasutera--Japanese name given to the Portuguese cake--Pão-de-ló, that was brought by Portuguese people to Japan in the sixteen century, and became part of Japanese gastronomy; Kasuteraword‘s origin is Castella.

Kasutera’s repertoire starting point is Teppe’s own compositions, but also visits music of composers like Carlos Paredes, Baden Powell, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Johann Sebastian Bach, traditional Japanese songs, and more...

Watanabe Teppe (guitar & composition)

Miguel Leiria Pereira (contrabass)