Music | Solo | Retrospecto

It was 1991, I was studying Double Bass since 1987, so it was my fourth student year at Lisbon National Conservatory, where I am now teacher.

Now 2020, revisiting this 29 years ago analog video today, it makes me an huge smile, myself 20 years old, from the times I was at Professor’s Jorge Peixinho 20th Century (the past century, but much more cutting edge than present one) Chamber Music Class, in the times I also used to Read Hermann Hesse, listen to music from all history periods and styles, and I had the dream to know personally Gary Karr, who was teacher of my second teacher João Panta Nunes.

Apart from all this, I was very enthusiastic in facing anything that could be creative involving my instrument. This piece is exactly that, despite I never got involved into composition, because my focus was the instrument, I felt the necessity of express beyond the interpretation of the musical pieces I was studying.

The making of Retrospecto...