Music | Solo | Aprés un rêve (Gabriel Fauré)


The song Après un rêve (published in 1878), tells a romantic flight of lovers in a dream, away from the earth, and "towards the light". However, on waking, the dreamer longs to return to the "mysterious night" and his dream.

ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF “AFTER A DREAM” anonymous italian poem adapted into french by ROMAIN BUSSINE:

Drowsing spellbound with the vision of you

I dreamt of happiness, burning mirage,

Your eyes were gentler, your voice was pure and sonorous

You shone like the dawn-lit sky

You called me and I left the earth

To flee with you toward the light

For us the heavens opened up their clouds

To reveal unknown splendor, glimpses of divine light…

Alas, alas, sad awakening from these dreams

I call out to you, oh night, give me back your lies

Come back, come back, radiant one

Come back mysterious night.

“APRÈS UN RÊVE” original lyrics in french:

Dans un sommeil que charmait ton image

je rêvais le bonheur, ardent mirage,

tes yeux étaient plus doux, ta voix pure et sonore,

tu rayonnais comme un ciel éclairé par l’aurore;

Tu m'appelais et je quittais la terre

pour m'enfuir avec toi vers la lumière,

les cieux pour nous entr'ouvraient leurs nues,

splendeurs inconnues, lueurs divines entrevues.

Hélas ! hélas, triste réveil des songes,

je t'appelle, ô nuit, rends-moi tes mensonges;

Reviens, reviens, radieuse,

reviens, ô nuit mystérieuse!

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